Election 2020 is critical for the future of our democracy and the norms enacted to make government “of the people, by the people, and for the people” sufficiently durable to withstand the pressures of big money, disregard for laws and regulations, and abandoning values long associated with the United States of America. Honesty, trust, loyalty, compassion, fairness, law abiding … just some of the characteristics that enabled us to move this great country forward have been pushed aside in quests of more money, more power at any cost just to satisfy an individual’s self-gratification over loyalty to country and the constitution that binds us together.

We are a country seriously divided politically to the degree that major, much needed legislation is virtually impossible. This sharp divide began in early ’80s under Reagan and conservative Republicans, who adopted the writings of Ayn Rand as their guiding ideology touting the notion that greed is good, individualism wins over togetherism , government is too big, too restrictive, taxes too high … some of the notions that have found their way into Republican economic policies leading to the top 1 percent of people owning 40 percent of our nation’s wealth while 40 percent of our people live at or below the poverty line.

Trump played upon the discontent of the 40 percent to mount a successful campaign for president but the movement he rode into the White House on started long before and had support from people like Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who has been blocking progressive legislation for decades leaving our vital physical and economic infra-structure in a state of decay.

It is imperative that more people are made aware of the challenges and potential facing us. A good start is the Democratic candidate debates Wednesday and Thursday. There are over 20 Democratic candidates from every region of the country expressing their views of the chaotic state we are in and their approach to bringing back respect for our laws, adherence to “regular order” in decision making, respect for our global partners, and above all… honesty…so tired of all the lies. When the wheels of government conform to the processes established over 250-plus years, positive things happen.

Debates are both informative and entertaining. They bring out factors such as likeability, confidence and appreciation of the rough road ahead. Join in.

Lee Purrier

Park Rapids