Disappearance of middle class is cause of our woes

No wonder the economy is not recovering. We have no middle class left to spend money on goods and services. And let's face it. It is the middle class that keeps the wheels of the economy growing and creating jobs.

Robert Reich, in his excellent book, "After Shock: The Next Economy and America's Future," points out how our government has moved way from helping our middle class, redirecting much more of the wealth to the rich and this ruining our economy. Jim Hightower makes the same point (Bemidji Pioneer Aug. 11). He states that if Boehner and Obama would raise their vision, even they could figure out that our great economic urgency is for the creation of good, middle-class jobs to get America moving again - moving upward and moving together.

Both Reich and Hightower understand that we are reliving history. The same situation (most of the wealth directed to a small number of the rich and thus a shrinking middle class) took place before the great depression of the 1920s and 1930s. Both of these men come to the same conclusion in order to solve our present economic plight.

Hightower puts it this way: "This is why our obtuse policymakers need to quit pampering the rich and fussing over budgets. Instead, they should launch national FDR-style jobs program that will immediately increase paychecks, perk up consumer spending, and generate grassroots economic growth."

Perhaps we need an amendment to the Constitution that makes reading Reich's book a requirement for all elected officials.

Dennis Brovold