If there is a President Biden, there should be a Vice President Klobuchar.

At the least, an Attorney General Klobuchar.

Minnesota's favorite politician helped deliver Super Tuesday to Joe Biden. So what does she get?

If Biden's momentum continues through the primary and general election, certainly not a sure thing, there should be a healthy payback to Amy Klobuchar, the Democratic U.S. Senator from the land of hotdish and Super Bowl disappointments.

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Don't scrunch your face. This is the way these things work.

Klobuchar delivered in Biden's moment of need. Bigly, as some might say. Her gift should be just as bigly.

She should be Biden's running mate in the general election.

That's not a sure thing, considering Biden's campaign rose from the grave Tuesday to catch and only slightly pass Sen. Bernie Sanders as the Democratic front-runner.

But, oh boy, did Klobuchar throw Biden a lifeline.

The past few days might go down as among the most remarkable in American political history, because they will have changed the course of history if Biden becomes president.

The former vice president's campaign looked dead, a tired and pointless endeavor being run over by Sanders and his army of energetic and aggressive followers. Sanders had won a few key early primary states and could've KO'd Biden and the rest of the Democratic field with Super Tuesday domination, even with Biden's big win in South Carolina a few days prior.

The far-left flank of the party was going to steamroll the moderates, including Biden. The greatest fear of the adults in the Democratic Party, that they were going to offer up an angry socialist against Donald Trump in November, was about to come true.

And then a most remarkable thing happened, thanks to Klobuchar.

On Monday, Klobuchar suspended her own sputtering presidential campaign and announced she was flying to a Biden rally in Dallas to endorse him. Another moderate who quit his presidential aspirations, Pete Buttigieg, did the same. Beto O'Rourke, a popular Democrat in Republican Texas, also endorsed Biden.

The dam broke.

Biden took surprising victories in Minnesota, Texas and several other states — most of which he didn't campaign in and where was polling poorly. The candidate who seemed finished a few days earlier ended Tuesday with more delegates than Sanders and a clear, but not guaranteed, path to the nomination.

And it was thanks mostly to Klobuchar.

The lesson from Super Tuesday is one Klobuchar preached at her campaign stop in Fargo last week: Democrats want and need a pragmatic, reasonable voice many in a left-leaning coalition can rally around. She bluntly implied Sanders was not that person. Klobuchar also said the real goal Democrats must not lose sight of was the defeat of Trump.

She spoke with a practical, common sense voice in Fargo.

Klobuchar is presidential material, no question.

She didn't see a path to that in 2020 so put party and country before herself to help beat Trump. What a concept.

Vice President Klobuchar? Seems the least Biden could do.