June 1 -- Oh look! See that tiny clump of fresh little dandelions! Aren’t they lovely! So cute!

July 1 -- Those darn dandelions. There are more of those miserable monsters than green grass in our front yard.

June 1 -- Aren’t these skies beautiful! Oooo, wheee! Those fat cumulus clouds in the clear blue sky brings out the artist in everyone.

July 1 -- If those forever ugly black clouds don’t break up soon, darkness will cover the earth and I’ll go nuts! by then.

June 1 -- Oh look and see! Tiny green shoots are poking their way through the brown lawns. Spring is almost here.

July 1 -- Wha-ja-say? Time to mow the lawn again! Yet again? That’s the awful price you pay for fertilizing.

June 1 -- We need a little more moisture to clean the whole countryside and make everything look fresh and clean once more.

July 1 -- Huh? Raining again out there? Seems like it rains a part of every day. I think I saw Noah’s Ark floating by.

June 1 -- Blossoms and new buds are starting to sprout everywhere on our bare, black tree branches. Ain’t nature wonderful!

July 1 -- Sure getting tired of clipping back those branches. No end to the constant snipping and sawing and trips to the dump.

June 1 -- There’s no sight more lovely than a springtime sunset. Makes you feel good all over.

July 1 -- Ahh, if you’ve seen one sunset, you’ve seen ‘em all. No big deal. Ho hum. The usual. Boring.

June 1 -- Nature comes alive again every spring. New life everywhere! Marvelous to go outdoors and witness our new world!

July 1 -- Not safe to go outside after 4 P.M. Skeeters attack us by the Gazillions! Never thought I’d say it, but right now, I like winter.