As Thanksgiving approaches, we at the Pioneer want to take the opportunity to thank our community for your never-ending support, even in the midst of such a trying time.

While many newspapers and media outlets around the country have had to shutter their doors in recent years -- increasingly so during the coronavirus pandemic and resulting economic crisis -- we have continued to grow and thrive.

We aren’t thriving because of some out-of-the-blue donations or government support, we are thriving because of you -- our readers.

This year marked 125 years of business for the Pioneer and the world of journalism has changed a lot during those 125 years.

When we compressed our print production days a couple of years ago from delivering papers five days a week to two it’s fair to say we had some concerns that our subscribers might not like all the new changes coming their way. And, I’m sure some didn’t. Some probably thought the products would be worse or things would be less relevant.

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But it’s actually turned out to be just the opposite.

As the print days decreased, our ability to focus more locally increased, and so has our number of subscribers. We found that rather than having to spread our local stories and resources between five papers, we can fit it all into two bigger and better papers, and readers have loved it.

The other thing we have discovered is that many of our subscribers loved the change because it also made our digital offerings better. In our adapting, we became more web-focused by adding more photos, videos and links to related stories and information.

Our social media presence improved as well, and now every photo we take and story we write can be seen on our Instagram, Facebook or Twitter accounts in addition to our website.

While some of our older subscribers might be less attracted to these additions, many have become avid e-paper readers. If the idea of making this transition seems overwhelming to you, fear not. Our customer service department is amazing at helping readers get logged in and set up on their tablets and smartphones so they can see the news every day as it unfolds rather than having to wait for their paper to show up in the mail.

While it might seem like you can find the news anywhere on the internet these days, we try our hardest to make sure the things we offer are focused on the Bemidji area, are fair and accurate, and told in a way you can’t find anywhere else.

And in the midst of a time when misinformation is always present -- especially on social media -- supporting local journalism has never been more vital and appreciated. Those of us out gathering the facts day in and day out are so thankful for the people in our community who value the work we do enough to keep subscribing year after year.

Right now, our print and digital membership combo subscription is $139.88 a year or $11.65 per month, and digital-only access is $9.99 per month. This allows you to read much more than simply the Bemidji Pioneer. You also gain full access to more than 20 other Forum Communication newspapers and websites located throughout Minnesota, North and South Dakota and Wisconsin.

So, thank you for supporting us and giving us the chance to keep sharing the news with our community. We couldn’t do this without you. If you aren’t a subscriber already, there’s no time like the present to give it a try! Visit to find out more.

Annalise Braught is a photographer and editor at the Pioneer. She can be reached at (218) 333-9796 or