I see that the Minnesota House Speaker has removed State Rep. Matt Grossell, R-Clearbrook, from the Public Safety and Judiciary committees due to his “incident” on May 4. The other side, House Minority Leader Kurt Daudt calls the action “politically motivated.”

Let's review: Police called to a hotel bar at 1 a.m. by hotel security on a report of an intoxicated man acting disorderly. It's representative Grossell. He's described as agitated and intoxicated, shoves a security guard and is finally escorted to his room by security staff. This is your representative, Minnesota District 2A.

Police conduct welfare check and discover he is unable to care for himself and answer basic questions, they see to his transportation to the hospital for evaluation. This is your representative, Minnesota District 2A.

Hospital finally decides to release him but he refuses to leave, is cited for trespass and disorderly conduct by St. Paul Police, brought to jail. This is your representative, Minnesota District 2A.

Then, I read, police reports show that after he was released, he went to police headquarters in St. Paul, told an officer at the front desk he was a state representative and former Clearwater County Sheriff (he was a deputy) and there would be “hell to pay” for arresting him. This is your representative, Minnesota District 2A.

In his long career in law enforcement, I am sure Rep. Grossell encountered many intoxicated and disorderly people, especially at 1, 2 or 3 a.m. He, no doubt, arrested many of these people and charged them with crimes related to their drunken stupidity. Further, I am sure that upon becoming sober, some of them came to regret the behavior they showed. And maybe he said to them something like “there are consequences for your behavior.”