The question is this: where do each of us stand concerning the inhumanity of Donald Trump's policies and the way in which America has been altered by the unremitting assault on its democratic institutions, its sense of truth, its decency and its standards of justice?

Trump's alternative universe of lies foster racism, bigotry, ignorance and xenophobia as the aspirations and hopes of our greatest representatives-Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, Susan B. Anthony, Harriet Tubman, Franklin Roosevelt, to name a few- are defiled and our sense of humanity is disfigured by a president who uses his power for self-aggrandizement as he delights in torturing the innocent.

As Trump unconditionally embraces the regimes of Korea, Russia and Saudi Arabia, where state-sanctioned murders of journalists and dissenters are the norm and where proto-fascist policies are prevalent, we set up concentration camps on our southern border and turn the Fourth of July into a military parade for a would-be dictator. Moreover, we are now committing atrocities to children and crimes against humanity that will permanently tarnish what is left of our national conscience. The hate-filled cruelty of Trump and his Republican toadies is a stain on the soul of America. The spectacle of our spiritual bankruptcy and political failings must no longer be ignored. Or will Trump's followers go on mindlessly shouting "U.S.A." and "Lock her Up" as we sink further and further into national disgrace?

If ever there were an occasion to stand up for and protest on behalf of the fundamental values of our democratic heritage, that time has now arrived. Think only of the children, reft from their families, without blankets, toothpaste, soap and water, and beds-and the concrete and wire cages they inhabit where lights are on 24 hours a day-and ask yourselves what sort of nation we live in. To feel no shame at this abomination is to contribute, however passively, to the lies, the hatred and the moral corruption that increasingly define America.