Most people have a bucket list of some kind. It may not be written down but they have in their mind some things that they would like to do before there comes a time when they are unable to do them. Bucket lists represent goals, which are good for kids, too.

A summer bucket list for kids as well as one for adults will help all of us get the most out of our few precious months of good weather. Why not try to accomplish as many of these bucket list items as possible? You will have a much more rewarding summer if you do.

Here are bucket lists for kids and for adults. Some activities could be for both.

Summer bucket list for kids

• Go swimming in a lake.

• Go to the county fair and take a ride on the Ferris Wheel. Climb the fire tower.

• Salute the flag at a Fourth of July parade.

• Go fishing. You may have to ask your parents or a friend to take you.

• Read a book from cover to cover. See if you can get your parents to do the same.

• Sleep outside in a tent.

• Roast some hotdogs on an open fire. Don't forget the marshmallows. Keep some water buckets nearby.

• Hike on a trail with your parents.

• How about getting your parents to take you to Itasca State Park? It's always fun even if you have already walked across the Mississippi.

• Go to a matinee movie.

• Take a bike ride.

• Attend a Vacation Bible School. Even though you may not attend a particular church, most churches will welcome you.

• Eat some ice-cold watermelon.

• Walk along a beach and look for interesting things like shells and stones.

• With your parents, pick some fresh berries.

• Pick up some trash. Get your parents to help.

• Make a craft of some kind. Look on the Internet for some ideas or visit your local Boys and Girls Club.

• Run through a water sprinkler.

• Paint each other. Get permission first.

• Stay safe.

Summer bucket list for adults

• Go to the county fair and look at all of the 4-H exhibits. While you are there, watch a livestock judging.

• Go to a Fourth of July parade.

• Try to take in a summer play.

• See the Dragonboat races.

• Eat a piece of rhubarb pie. You might have to bake one first.

• Eat some freshly caught fish.

• Drive along the east shore of Red Lake on the way to Ponemah. When you get to Ponemah, stop at the grocery store and get something to eat.

• Go to Leonard to buy your vegetables from the Mennonite family. Ask in town for directions if you don't know where they live. Stop at one of the two restaurants in town for something to eat.

• Take the kids to a baseball game or if you don't have children, just go anyway.

• Take in an outdoor band concert.

• Take the kids to see the fireworks. Be careful of lighting fireworks in your backyard. Have some buckets of water around.

• Pick a bouquet of flowers.

• Take the family to a powwow.

• Take someone to Itasca State Park.

• Visit the Beltrami County Museum.

• Watch a Turner Classic Movie.

• Go to a summer event in one of our smaller communities that surround Bemidji.

• Visit the Watermark Art Center. Be sure and take the kids.

• Don't forget the Sculpture Walk. Take the kids. They will remind you to stop and get something to eat.

• Go to the Visitor Center at Bemidji State Park.

• With your family volunteer at least one day doing something for someone else.

• Go to a farmers market and a flea market.

• Visit some place you have never been before.

• Stay safe.

Riddle: Hey, kids, what do you do if you wake up and find a gorilla sleeping in your tent? (You sleep somewhere else.) Did you notice that I didn't include this on your bucket list?

100 percent graduation

A local movement is underway to ensure the area has a 100 percent high school graduation rate. Here are some tips to help us achieve that goal:

1. Kids are more likely to graduate from high school when parents do interesting and fun things with them.

2. I have no research to support this but I would wager that kids whose fathers regularly take them fishing are more likely to graduate from high school.

3. Kids who keep a summer bucket list along with their parents are more likely to graduate from high school. Try it and find out.



John R. Eggers of Bemidji is a former university professor and area principal. He also is a writer and public speaker.