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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Minnesota should lead on climate change opportunities

Our changing climate is not just a crisis, it's also an opportunity. Black, brown, or white, Indigenous or immigrant, we all want the same things: good jobs, clean air and water and healthy communities. We don't fear our future; we're building it together.

I'm grateful for the leadership of Gov. Tim Walz, Lt. Gov. Peggy Flanagan and the Minnesota House of Representatives. They fought at our side for a 100 percent equitable and clean energy future until, literally, the last day of the legislative session. They pressed for renewable energy, clean transportation, and the resulting growth in clean energy jobs.

Unfortunately, a handful of our elected officials stood in the way of clean energy legislation this year. They wouldn't join us in creating this vibrant shared future. Instead, when offered proposal after proposal, the Senate just said no.

Going forward, we need to let the Senate—and all of our elected officials—know that Minnesotans agree: we can, and should, lead on climate change opportunities. We live in this remarkable moment of knowledge and agency. We know the climate crisis stakes and we can choose to act in our local communities and our state to build a just and sustainable future together.