One would think that politicians would give the rest of us a moment to breathe. No such luck. It reminds me of the Billy Joel song "We didn't Start the Fire." During that song we were presented with a breathless history lesson with few musical rests. The mantra, "Medicare for everyone" refuses to address cost or how government can be counted on to screw up almost everything it touches. "Free college for everyone" fails to think about much needed skilled trade training, the paltry graduation rates among colleges and universities as well as who is going to pay for it.

Will the top 1 percenter's kids get free college, too? Then there is the "WALL." This gets more knickers in a knot than a missed call in the NFL.

Perhaps the politicians should sit with the brain trust that meets at a local bakery on Thursday mornings and solves the world's problems in less than 60 minutes.

On the brighter side, gas prices are down, gold is up, the price of hogs is holding steady and soon marijuana will be available for those of us suffering from political/economic Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Personally, I have decided to take advantage of this cold weather to stop and reflect on warmer times on a tropical isle. As a wise man once said, "fear not this, too, will pass". To what he was referring, I cannot recall; but it applies to everything from a kidney stone to election mania. God Bless America and the diversity upon which it depends.