It's a sad day when we cannot have a planned protest about saving children's lives, 30 minutes to recognize the importance of our children's safety in school, after losing another group of young people. This is why we continue to see young people dying this way, because we refuse to do the uncomfortable, the extraordinary. Often, it's risking to have the hard conversation with the kid who struggles. Or taking time to listen to the one who feels neglected. But sometimes it's standing with the children we still have, while we do have them, to let them know we give a rip about their well-being.

This type of event raises consciousness. This type of event tells our kids that they are more important than 20 minutes of geography. They are being heard. That we will work to do something to protect them.

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Thank you, Gina Marie Bernard, for having the courage to do what we all should be doing right now, letting our kids know we care by taking a very brief time from our normal everyday affairs to let them know that they are special and we vow to protect them.

It should disrupt us all that this problem continues.

Jami Gaither