I would like to thank Stephen Gurney for his courage to voice his opinion ('We are a nation in peril,' July 5).

All opinions matter, especially those deserving a response. Thanks also to the Pioneer for retracting its policy of not publishing opinions of a slanderous or libelous nature. Mr. Gurney says his president “delights in torturing the innocent.” Must be true? Since I am a veteran member of the United States, I will always defend free speech, even Stephen’s. Seems appropriate for July 4.

Please let me respond to Mr. Gurney’s loaded question as to where I stand. I stand, as an American veteran, ready to defend my country no matter who our president is, and I vote for common sense despite party lines.

My questions to you and all citizens are these: 1.) Do you form your opinions from social media or from professional journalism? 2.) Are you or a family member a veteran? 3.) Do you volunteer your time or donate money to help others? 4.) Are you able to work for America by offering solutions to problems, or are you just going to complain? Stephen? Anyone? I would love to hear from you, hopefully in a positive light.