Dick (Gerald) Schied


Dick Schied passed December 19, 2020 in Apache Junction, AZ. Born July 22, 1927 in Chicago, IL, the son of Peter  Schied and Frankie (Anderson) Schied, his early life with brother, Dean, shaped him into the hard-working, resourceful man he was to be. He met his bride, Natalie Doud, while traveling with a haying crew. They married August 10, 1949, and did everything together; from trucking to farming to selling, and buying, real estate. He will be missed by many, including his wife of 71 years, Natalie; siblings Franklin Faubion, Inga Gonzalez, Marlene Flowerday, Joyce Comstock, and Natalie’s siblings Richard (Celia) Doud, Grace (John Sr.) Torres,  and numerous nieces and nephews.

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