BEMIDJI -- To assess deer population levels within certain areas of the city of Bemidji, Dr. Jacob Haus, BSU assistant professor of biology, and his students will be conducting evening spotlight surveys.

Surveys are expected to be conducted from Monday, Oct. 18, through Wednesday, Oct. 27, starting at sunset and running until about 9 p.m. During the survey, they will record the number, age and gender of deer seen, as well as the distance and habitat type where deer are observed.

Time and weather permitting, roadside surveys will be conducted in three different areas using multiple vehicles (BSU vehicles with hazard lights). They will complete four planned routes for each of the three survey areas driving at slow speeds shining a spotlight, a release said.

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The three survey areas are as follows:

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  • Ward 5: Northeast Lake Bemidji area generally bounded by Lake Avenue, Elliot Road, Tyler Avenue and Mill Street.
  • Ward 4: Includes areas generally bounded by 23rd Street NW, Washington Avenue S, Rako Street SW, 18th Street SW and Adams Ave SW.
  • Bemidji Regional Airport: Includes areas adjacent to Airport property, west of Cardinal Road NW, and areas east of airport property and west of U.S. Highway 71.

Should one witness the survey activity -- which would normally be perceived as illegal -- the city of Bemidji asks that people refrain from calling the Bemidji Police Department or the Beltrami County Sheriff’s Department and refrain from interrupting or otherwise disrupting the ongoing surveys. Residents are also asked not to approach the vehicle in an assertive manner as law enforcement will be summoned immediately, the release said.

For general questions, contact deputy city clerk Bobbi Karpinski by phone at (218) 759-3562 or by email at

The Bemidji Police Department is also available for questions. People can call Sergeant Robert Brogren at (218) 766-7201 or community service officer Jason Sanderson at (218) 556-4148. Both can also be reached by calling (218) 333-9111.

For specific survey questions, contact Dr. Haus by phone at (218) 755-4372 or by email at