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Bill Morehouse
A quiet but cold weekend ahead
Thu Dec 01 15:00:40 EST 2022
Friday brings in light snow and windy conditions through areas of North Dakota and Minnesota, with blowing snow at times. After that, cold air settles back in to our region.

Going into Saturday the day starts off cold in the single digits, then struggle to warm up much with lots of areas in the teens and 20s.

Sunday continues the quiet conditions with temperatures not warming up too much. Conditions stay dry with more partly cloudy to mostly sunny conditions to end the weekend.

A fairly quiet Thanksgiving weekend
Thu Nov 24 15:00:00 EST 2022
Most of the region will experience mild temperatures on Friday despite the passage of a cold front on Thursday.

Cooler air may still be hanging on across portions of Minnesota and Wisconsin where highs will generally be in the 30s and 40s. 

Another cold front will move through the region on Saturday, and in doing so it will take away some of the mild temperatures, including across South Dakota.

As we head into Sunday, the cooler air from Saturday's cold front will maintain its hold across the region. Highs around portions of North Dakota and South Dakota will likely dip into the upper-20s. However, parts of South Dakota may see 40s and 50s.

Tracking the breeze across the region
Thu Nov 17 15:32:12 EST 2022
Winds will continue to blow out of the west and southwest to finish out this work week. Temperatures will be cold on Friday as well and with the combination of these strong winds will make for a bitter finish to this work week.

The breeze will linger Saturday morning and with the cold air sliding in from the north will start us off on a brisk note Saturday morning. Deer opener is this weekend for East River South Dakota as well as Wisconsin. Saturday morning will be quite cold to be sitting or even pushing deer.

Don't forget the buddy heater.

Cold and stable weather this weekend
Thu Nov 10 14:47:53 EST 2022
The breeze will stick around on the back side of the low pressure system that brought rain/snow/freezing rain Thursday into Thursday night. A few lingering snow showers can't be ruled out for northern Minnesota, but don't expect much in terms of accumulating snow. Friday will just be a cold and breezy day for most. 

This is what it may feel like for the region as we close out the work week. This is only the beginning of a cold trend that starts Friday and may last through all of next week.

Tracking a few chances of rain showers in the region this weekend
Thu Nov 03 14:52:55 EDT 2022
We'll close out this work week with quiet weather for the Dakotas and most of western and northern Minnesota. Showers will be possible for southeastern Minnesota and up through Wisconsin Friday.

Deer opener for North Dakota on Friday will feature cooler temperatures, plenty of sunshine, and fairly light winds in central and eastern parts of the state.

Minnesota will wake up to mainly 30s on Saturday morning's deer opener. With a little wind out there it may feel like lower 20s for some.

A mild final weekend of October
Thu Oct 27 14:00:00 EDT 2022
The final days of October bring nice dry and mild weather to our region. Friday brings plenty of sunshine with highs in the 60s for most of the Northland.

For Saturday and Sunday the nice weather keeps on going. Highs again will be in the 50s and 60s, with more sunshine in the Dakotas on SundayThe warm weather continues into Halloween, before a cold moves through to start November.

Warm fall temperatures before cooler weather next week
Thu Oct 20 13:00:00 EDT 2022
Our weather will be fairly mild to finish out the work week. I'm seeing a slight chance of showers moving across western and west-central North Dakota on Friday while the rest of the region stays dry.

Winds will pick up some across Minnesota on Saturday. Southern Minnesota could get rather gusty, but it will be a warmer wind.

Tracking more wind and a chance of rain/snow
Thu Oct 13 15:42:14 EDT 2022
Light snow showers along with some light rain showers will be possible across northern Minnesota and parts of Wisconsin to finish out this work week.

Winds will continue to blow across the Dakotas and western and southwestern Minnesota. Gusts will reach into the 20s and some lower 30s over these area. I'm seeing lighter winds for parts of the Northland Friday. Temperatures will get a small boost Saturday compared to how we finished the work week. We are looking cold to finish this weekend with the chilly temperatures lasting into early next week.

Quiet fall weekend after a cold close to the work week
Thu Oct 06 18:49:58 EDT 2022
The cold air will be sitting right over us Friday, but with lighter winds. Overall, Saturday is shaping up to be a quiet fall day. A few sprinkles and showers can't be ruled out for parts of the Red River Valley and central Minnesota Sunday.

Showers in the region this weekend
Thu Sep 29 13:05:59 EDT 2022
Showers move into the western Dakotas keeping temperatures much cooler there compared to the rest of the region. Temperatures could even reach into the 80s for parts of southern and southeastern South Dakota. I'm seeing a fairly pleasant day for Minnesota and Wisconsin. A few showers may sneak into the Red River Valley throughout the day.

Most of us will have a dry Sunday, but there will be a few lingering showers or sprinkles for parts of North Dakota. You can download the StormTRACKER app for free to keep an eye on the radar this weekend and check hour by hour temperatures and winds for all your outdoor activities.