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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Their only chance was character assassination

Randall Burg’s letter (Oct. 5) about Justice Kavanaugh’s temperament for the Supreme Court shows that he watched a different judicial process than the rest of America. The facts show Kavanaugh’s response was well justified, based on the character assassination waged by Democratic senators.

  1. The Democrats vowed to stop Trump’s pick by any means before even being named.
  2. Once named, they claimed he wasn’t qualified, before reading even one page of documentation.
  3. They then received more documentation than the previous five judicial nominees, combined, but still whined they didn’t have enough documentation.
  4. Democrats paid protesters to disrupt the hearings.
  5. Democrat Cory Booker then tried to play the race card. However, Kavanaugh actually advised then President Bush, not to use profiling after the 9/11 attacks. Sorry, race card failed.
  6. Finally, they withheld a sexual assault allegation for seven weeks, springing it after realizing Kavanaugh was so qualified, their only chance was character assassination.

Everything Kavanaugh stated about the Democrats’ plot against him was true. Ninety-nine percent of Americans, both men and women, would be as angry as Kavanaugh after having their character attacked with no corroborating evidence and having their reputation ruined and family threatened.

We should actually question whether the 10 Democrats on the committee have the right temperament to serve as senators. We thought Amy Klobuchar was above such political manure; we now know that’s false. We expect more of our politicians in Minnesota. She should immediately apologize for her part in this sleazy sham. She should also do one of two things: Immediately call for an investigation into the sexual abuse charges against Keith Ellison, or resign. If not, how will she be able to serve the citizens of Minnesota while being mired in a pool of her own hypocrisy?

Dan Jurek