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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Root for outcome, but accept final score

I love the changing of seasons in Minnesota and the start of football season. It means many of us will play in games or root for a team. The games have rules and win or lose, we don’t have a choice but to accept the final score and move on.

Recently we had some people come to Bemidji who tried to block the streets to “convince” to ignore the final score.

The protest coincides with the start of the Minnesota Vikings season, I thought it would be appropriate to compare the two sides of this issue to two sides of a sporting event. Being a Minnesota sports fan, I (as well as many other Minnesota sports fans) have definitely been on the unfavorable side of many outcomes. We have all experienced the five stages of grief: Denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. The key part of this is the idea of acceptance.

I think the Line 3 opponents could learn from us Minnesota sports fans. Instead of accepting a decision that went through an extensive process fairly judged by state officials, they have decided to just stay in the denial stage and continue on as if the pipeline was never approved.

If the PUC process taught us anything, it is that the pipeline replacement will have the newest and safest technology working to ensure that natural disasters are avoided, and that we are able to stop them before they happen. With the old line in despair and the oil still necessary to the state, it is clear the replacing Line 3 is necessary. It has also shown that the opponents are not willing to accept reality and will continue to oppose an issue that will benefit all of Minnesota.

If football teaches us anything, it’s that we all can try to win or root for an outcome but then have to accept the final score. In this case, the PUC’s decision that says replacing Line 3 makes sense.

Jason Kruse