Gratitude helps you stay on the moment and focus on the positive instead of the negative.

An ever-expanding body of research supports the idea that gratitude provides health benefits. An article published online by UC Davis Health notes that gratitude may help people get through tough times. And that gratitude increases happiness and may boost immunity and lower blood pressure.

For many people, the month of November -- the Thanksgiving month -- is all about giving thanks. Creating a gratitude pumpkin is a fun and meaningful way to celebrate it with your friends, family or even on your own.

How to make a gratitude pumpkin:


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  • Pumpkin or gourd
  • Permanent marker


  • Each day, from now until Thanksgiving, write one thing for which you're grateful on your pumpkin. Start at the top near the stem and spiral the words downward. By the time the Thanksgiving Holiday is here, your pumpkin will be covered with things that make you happy.

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