ST. PAUL -- Minnesota’s added 3,010 more COVID-19 infections and 22 more deaths to its pandemic toll Monday, Oct. 25, according to the state Department of Health.

But the latest data was partially skewed because it includes about 19,000 test results that were reported late to the state because of processing issues. Despite the backlog, Minnesota’s recent test-positivity rate continues to decline.

So does the current rate of hospitalizations — there were 907 patients hospitalized Friday including 227 in critical condition. Eight days ago more than 1,000 patients were hospitalized.

Health officials say vaccines are the best way to avoid a severe infection and to slow the spread of the coronavirus. But breakthrough cases are becoming more common.

On Monday, 51,586 total breakthrough cases had been identified by the state Department of Health, an increase of 5,759 breakthrough infections from the week before. An additional 247 breakthrough hospitalizations, for a total of 2,425, and 68 more fatalities, for a total of 331 were also reported.

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Adjusted for age, state health officials say unvaccinated Minnesotans are 15 times more likely to be hospitalized and 30 times more likely to die if they catch COVID-19 than those who are vaccinated.

Minnesota has administered 6.7 million doses of vaccine and 3.4 million people have gotten at least one dose. About 73% of those currently eligible, age 12 and older, have gotten at least one dose of vaccine.