RED LAKE -- The Red Lake Tribal Council on Wednesday approved incentives for tribal members and descendants to receive vaccinations for the coronavirus.

According to a release, Red Lake Nation officials will provide $30 gift cards, which can be used at the Red Lake Trading Post or the Ponemah Market to those who have yet to be vaccinated. Those who get vaccinated will receive a gift card for each dose.

The Pfizer and Moderna vaccines require two doses, while the Johnson and Johnson vaccine needs just one.

"It is of high importance to the Tribal Council for everybody 18 and over to get their shots for the protection of the tribe against the virus," Tribal Health Director Oran Beaulieu said in the release. "I would like to thank all 1,922 tribal members that have already received their shots."

As of March 11, Red Lake has recorded 389 total cases and is monitoring 28 active cases.