BEMIDJI -- More than 40 roads across the county were visited by Beltrami County Commissioners as part of an annual project review tour.

According to County Administrator Kay Mack, the event is put together by the Highway Department and gives commissioners a firsthand look at finished projects and roads selected for work in the coming years. In total, the county is responsible for 400 miles of paved road, 313 miles of gravel road and 32 miles of road in unorganized townships.

"It's been going for about 10 years now," Mack said. "The board is able to see the challenges we face, and the successes we've had."

"It was really good to see the number of roads that are improving," District 3 Commissioner Richard Anderson said. "The only reason we can do that is because of the one half of 1 percent sales tax we enacted a few years back. The citizens understood the difficulty we had with limited funds from the state and really stepped up."

As part of the tour, the commissioners reviewed County Highways 2, 4, 15, 22 and 57, which all have projects scheduled for 2020. Additionally, County Highway 22 is also expected to have a bridge improvement project take place next year.

"We're still on our task of making good roads stay good and then going in and fixing those roads that have needs," Anderson said. "Some of them haven't been repaired or fixed in 40 years. So the hope is in the future, we're going to be able to upgrade more of our roads."