BEMIDJI -- Construction on the third phase of a project along 30th Street Northwest and Hannah Avenue is underway in Bemidji.

According to a press release, crews are now working on a stretch of 30th Street extending from Hannah Avenue to Ridgeway Avenue. In addition to road work, the project includes replacing storm sewers, curbs and gutters. The work will also add a 10-foot wide paved trail along the north side of the street.

The project is scheduled to be completed by the end of September, depending on the weather. Access to the street will be limited to businesses and residents along 30th Street, with no through traffic.

The first two phases of the project involved construction along Hannah Avenue from Paul Bunyan Drive to the 30th Street intersection.

The total cost of all three phases is $1.27 million, when accounting for construction, design and inspection. Of that amount, $692,000 is federally funded and $440,000 is funded by the state, with the city responsible for $138,000.

The project is a continuation of work completed in 2015, where 30th Street was reconstructed from Irvine Avenue to Hannah Avenue. The work in 2015 also included a 10-foot wide paved trail on the north side of the road.