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Selection process begins for $1 million Sanford science prize


SIOUX FALLS -- A panel of noted medical experts from around the nation has been named and will start the process this spring of selecting the winner of a $1 million prize from Sanford Health that will recognize a person for excellence in life-changing medical treatments, medical innovations or research.

It’s called the Sanford Lorraine Cross Award that will be given in December and is named after the Lorraine Cross, a symbol recognized around the world synonymous for those who take action for their passions.

“We know that breakthroughs don’t come easily,” said Kelby Krabbenhoft, Sanford Health president and CEO. “But we also know that these big bang moments are what drives health care and healing forward, and we want to recognize the people who are making that happen. This award is our first step.”

Later this year, the board will hear presentations from the award front-runners, who will be selected after nominations from the public and a computer algorithm that sifts through medical publications in search of major discoveries.

The board includes doctors and researchers from such places as the Harvard Medical School, University of Miami, University of Nebraska Medical Center, Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and Cedars-Sinai hospital in Los Angeles.

The $1 million award, which will be given for the first time and every other year afterwards, is one of the top five most lucrative of its kind.