Paul Bunyan Communications returns $4.1 million in capital credits

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Paul Bunyan Communications

BEMIDJI -- Paul Bunyan Communications recently sent out $4.1 million in capital credit returns to its members.

This is the largest return in the cooperative’s history, according to a release. Rather than waiting for the usual fall distribution, the company chose to send the returns out early this year.

Profits are allocated to the members based on their proportional share of the allocated revenues. These allocations may then be returned to the individual members through capital credit retirements, the release said.

The distribution includes 20% of credits earned in 2019 and the remaining credits earned in 2002. For current members with a distribution amount of $100 or less, a credit has been applied to their June bill. Checks have been mailed out to members receiving more than $100, a release said.

Those who were members of the cooperative in 2002 and/or 2019 and accrued more than $10 in total capital credit allocations, but do not receive the credit on their account or a check by June 27, can contact Paul Bunyan Communications at (218) 444-1234 or (218) 999-1234.

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