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Football The Mustang football team earned its first win on Homecoming Night, Oct. 8. They played the 0-5 Eagles from Northland Remer and ended the night with a score of 36-26. The first quarter was dominated by the Mustangs, as they built a 22-0 ...


The Mustang football team earned its first win on Homecoming Night, Oct. 8. They played the 0-5 Eagles from Northland Remer and ended the night with a score of 36-26.

The first quarter was dominated by the Mustangs, as they built a 22-0 lead. Their first six points were earned on the first drive with a touchdown pass from senior Jacob Gunderson to sophomore Keith Shaughnessy for 32 yards.

The two-point conversion was made on a running play up the middle.

The second touchdown was scored by senior Tyler Gibbs. He had an eight yard run. I don't know which way or where that play went but we scored. The two point conversion after was good.


The third touchdown happened on a 22-yard pass to junior Joe Schuh. The touchdown counted but it wasn't a smooth catch. Joe bobbled it a lot and everyone was teasing him but in good spirit. Again the two point conversion was successful.

During the second quarter the Mustangs struggled as the Eagles cut the lead to 22-14.

The third quarter was an evenly played game. Both the Eagles and Mustangs moved the ball but in the end the Eagles scored.

The Eagles scored twice more in the third quarter and took the lead at 26-22.

In the final quarter of play, the Mustangs scored two touchdowns in the final eight minutes of play. Shaughnessy was the key to the first touchdown of the fourth quarter. He caught a ball that was thrown across the middle and was good for a first down. When he caught that ball, the game changed.

The confidence level in the Mustangs play soared that is when they scored their The fourth touchdown was scored by a freshman named Mark Geerdes. He ran a sweep for eight yards and got a big score. The fifth and final touchdown was also scored by a freshman, Christian Jourdan. He scored on a quarter back sneak for two yards. These scores propelled them to a good homecoming win, 36-26.

The football team next travelled to Onamia. The team played well with a lot of determination but ended up on the short end of the score, 39-6.

The Panthers of Onamia dominated the play in the first quarter. The Mustangs, missing seniors Cody Graupmann and Kyle Erickson and a couple of others sidelined for disciplinary reasons, had trouble stopping the hard running Panthers. By the end of the quarter, Onamia led 20-0.


The Mustangs buckled down from there and only allowed one offensive touchdown the rest of the way. The defense followed the Minnesota Vikings technique of bend but don't break as the Panthers would penetrate into Mustang territory but then were stalled by the Mustang defense.

Offensively, the Mustangs finally got things going in the third quarter. Gunderson engineered a long drive down to the Panther 4 yard line before throwing an interception on fourth down.

In the fourth quarter, Gunderson again led the team down field. On second down from the 20 yard line, sophomore Caleb Schneider found a hole in the Panther defense and Gunderson threw a strike to him on the 5 yard line. Schneider turned and ran over the Panther defender at the goal line for the touchdown. Gunderson followed the play with a successful pass to Shuh for the 2-point conversion.


The Mustang volleyball team is playing well too. Since the last paper the girls have played six games; three of them in a tournament.

In the big game against the Walker-Hackensack-Akeley Wolves, the girls suffered a hard loss. The loss was a tough one. They played with a lot of heart and toughness. The Wolves won the first game, then the Mustangs came back in the second game and made it a dead heat. The Wolves won the next two winning the whole game.

The Mustangs were playing superbly in this game. The girls were setting well, blocking excellently and also serving fluently and powerfully.

I think that when they served this game they hit most of their marks. Also during this game there was a lot of long and super intense passing. The two teams had the ball going back and forth for I don't know how many passes but sadly in the end the Wolves got the point.


In the tournament the Mustangs won one of their three games. The game that they won was against Tower-Soudan. The other two teams that they played were Cook and Northland-Remer.

The two new games after the tournament.

They have played Northland Remer and Nevis. The lady Mustangs lost both matches. Nevis has a superb record of 21-1-1. Northland is 11-10. Both of these teams are formidable. Nevis is also the leader in the conference. We are 6-12 and are fifth in the conference behind Nevis, Walker-Hackensack-Akeley, Blackduck and Clearbrook-Gonvick.

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