Cannon Falls man facing charges for threatening to kill man who shot his horse with an arrow

Jeffrey Dale Boman, 59, of Cannon Falls, is charged with threats of violence and first-degree damage to property, both felonies.

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RED WING, Minn. — A Cannon Falls, Minnesota, man is accused of threatening to kill another man and breaking several thousands dollars worth of his equipment after the other man shot a horse on his property, according to charges filed in Goodhue County District Court.

Jeffrey Dale Boman, 59, appeared before District Judge Patrick Biren on Wednesday, Dec. 28, and was released on his own recognizance.

Boman is charged with threats of violence and first-degree damage to property, both felonies.

The incident in question is alleged to have happened the evening of Oct. 30, 2022, on Boman's property in Goodhue County.

Boman's next court appearance is scheduled for Jan. 4, 2023.


According to the criminal complaint:

A 24-year-old man was bow hunting with Boman's son when he shot an arrow at a doe, which deflected and hit a horse owned by Boman. The horse died as a result of the arrow.

When Boman's son went inside to get Boman, Boman told the man, “If you don’t get off my property, I’m going to (expletive) kill you.”

Boman then instructed the man to leave his bow since it was evidence along with the rest of their equipment.

The pair left their equipment and Boman cut the bowstring on both bows, a witness told law enforcement.

The total damage to the equipment is estimated to be around $4,850.

When questioned by police, Boman continually said, "Our prime quarter horse is dead," and that he simply told the pair to leave the property following the incident.

The man who shot the horse told law enforcement that it appeared his bow had been run over by a vehicle.


A 50-year-old Red Wing woman has pleaded guilty to second-degree murder related to leaving her new born infant boy in the Lake Pepin as part of a plea deal.

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