From the Archives: September 14 in the Pioneer

What was printed on this day 10, 25, 50 and 100 years ago.

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10 years ago

September 14, 2012 -- Local gas prices have reached an unfortunate high, briefly topping the $4 mark before dropping to $3.95. The increased prices are linked to Hurricane Isaac, which caused the shutdown of oil refineries in the Gulf of Mexico and put pressure on the cost of gasoline nationwide.

25 years ago

September 14, 1997 -- Carl Foster of the Milwaukee Heart Institute spoke at Bemidji State University’s first Campus Community Breakfast of the year. Foster’s keynote address, given to an audience of around 100 people, focused on the importance of exercise for health and emphasized that it doesn’t have to be strenuous to be effective.

50 years ago

September 14, 1972 -- The Bemidji company Armour and Co. will be constructing a new meat distribution plant in the Industrial Park, a project expected to be completed by the end of the year. The new facility will allow for better service to be provided to the area and will lead to more jobs in the community.

100 years ago

September 14, 1922 -- P.J. Kjelson of Waskish Township died from a gunshot wound inflicted by a neighbor who mistook him for a wild animal. I.W. Gehron shot what he thought was a wolf roaming near his property, but was actually Kjelson. After discovering his mistake, he performed first aid, but Kjelson died shortly after reaching a doctor.

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A Bemidji man has been arrested for driving under the influence after a public safety incident, including attempting to drive around barricades set up for the Night We Light parade, on Friday evening in downtown Bemidji.