From the Archives: May 6 in the Pioneer

What was printed on this day 10, 25, 50 and 100 years ago.

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10 years ago

May 6, 2013 -- Ann Hayes is this year’s local Walk for MS ambassador. A violinist with the Bemidji Symphony Orchestra, Hayes was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and was temporarily paralyzed. Since then, she’s been working to raise awareness about the condition as well as what other people might face.

25 years ago

May 6, 1998 -- Joseph Richard Nipp, of Blackduck, has been charged with careless driving in connection to a school bus accident in November that resulted in the death of bus driver Swen Anderson. The bus collided with Nipp’s tractor and its tines pierced the driver’s side windshield of the bus, injuring Anderson.

50 years ago

May 6, 1973 -- The United Methodist Church, located on Ninth Street in Bemidji, will be celebrating the 75th anniversary since its founding in 1898 when the first Methodist preacher came to the area. An open house will be held, along with a service that will include visiting reverends from around the area.

100 years ago

May 6, 1923 -- A truck carrying Blackduck high school baseball players overturned on a road north of Bemidji, with minor injuries reported. However, when the owner of the truck returned for it a few days later, he found it had been stripped by thieves while he was away. It was missing both front wheels, all its tires, and several other valuable components.

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