BEMIDJI -- Bemidji leaders are considering updating the city's rental rules with a new task force in the coming weeks.

During a work session Monday, the Bemidji City Council came to a consensus on creating a committee to review the city's rental code, which has been in place since 1996 and was last modified in 2011. During the session, the council decided to add creating such a task force as an agenda item for its April 5 meeting.

According to documents provided for the work session, there are 1,125 rental permits in Bemidji and 3,650 rental units total. The Bemidji rental code provides rules on registration licenses for rental occupancy, transferability of licenses, fees for licenses and rental inspections, as well as housing standards and conditions.

During the work session, council members noted representation of landlords and tenants are needed to understand current rental trends in the city. Additionally, the Minnesota Crime Free Multi-Housing program, administered by the Bemidji Police Department, is expected to be part of the conversation.

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