Editors note: This article is part of our ongoing coverage of the estimated costs related to President Donald Trump's visit to Bemidji.

BEMIDJI -- Maintaining a safe environment and a smooth traffic flow during President Donald Trump's campaign visit required more than $8,000 worth of overtime for the city of Bemidji.

The Trump campaign arrived in Bemidji in the evening hours of Sept. 18 for an event at the airport. The work for local officials, though, started many hours earlier.

Leading up to the rally, the Bemidji Police Department and other city officials worked directly with campaign staff and federal agencies, such as the Secret Service, on logistics. On the day of the event, personnel on hand for the city included staff from both the Police Department and the Public Works Department.

In the lead up to the rally, Bemidji Police Chief Mike Mastin called it "the largest scale event that we have had to plan for."

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With the rally now in the rearview, City Finance Director Ron Eischens said exact costs haven't been calculated, but estimates have been made.

"We don't keep track of time on specific things like that, but we have tried to ballpark the overtime costs related to that event as best we could," Eischens said. "From a Public Works perspective, we had about $1,500 worth of overtime costs. Then, for the police department, we had an estimated $7,200 in overtime."

While the campaign visit wasn't expected, Eischens said the estimated total of $8,700 is within the financial ability of the city's budget.

"Each department has overtime budgeted for the year," Eischens said. "This event isn't a normal one, but it's within the departmental budgets to absorb that cost without dipping into city reserves. If the cost had been significant, if we're talking, say, $100,000 that wasn't budgeted, then it would be something for the reserves."

In speaking with the Pioneer, Eischens noted that city staff were just some of the many agency personnel with a presence in Bemidji during the event. In leading up to the rally, the city approved a mutual aid agreement, allowing regional law enforcement agencies to assist the Bemidji Police Department. Other agencies included the Beltrami County Sheriff's Office and Minnesota State Patrol.

"It's important to point out, though, that this is just a small piece of the puzzle when it comes to the cost of the event," Eischens said.