ST. PAUL — With just over a month until the general election, a memo from Joe Biden's Minnesota campaign says the Democratic presidential candidate "is in a strong position to win the North Star State," but they "aren’t taking a single Minnesotan for granted."

The Tuesday, Sept. 29, memo comes after months of build-up in Minnesota, with party insiders and analysts predicting the state could be a toss-up come November. Minnesota holds the nation's longest record of electing Democrats for president, but President Donald Trump's campaign has honed in on the state as a potential flip opportunity this year.

As Trump gears up for another visit to Minnesota this week this time in Duluth the Biden camp went after the president in Tuesday's memo, saying he "has failed Minnesotans."

"From his mismanagement of the COVID-19 crisis and its economic fallout, to his reckless trade policies, attacks on health care, and broken promises to Minnesota workers, President Trump has made Minnesotans’ lives worse," the memo read.

The memo points to past elections as well as polling as evidence of Biden's lead over the state. It notes that Clinton "narrowly" carried Minnesota by a 1.5-point margin in 2016 but, since then, Democratic Gov. Tim Walz in 2018 won his statewide gubernatorial election by an 11-point margin, carrying 10 districts that are represented by Senate Republicans.

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Overall, Democrats won every statewide office up for election in 2018, flipped two Twin Cities suburban districts (CD2 and CD3) from red to blue, plus 16 seats in the state House to win over a majority. The state Senate remains a Republican majority.

The memo also cites recent polls putting Biden in the lead over Trump in Minnesota, including from Real Clear Politics (+9.4), the New York Times (+9) and FiveThirtyEight (+6).

Still, despite a long history of electoral support for Democrats and numbers polling in their direction, the campaign said they "aren't taking a single Minnesotan for granted." According to the memo, the Biden camp is focusing on building a "strong and diverse coalition" of volunteers and surrogates from the Cities, suburbs, Iron Range and Greater Minnesota. Volunteers represent different spots on the political spectrum, as well as minority communities, faith leaders, women and rural voters.

Since Labor Day, the memo says the Biden campaign has seen its number of active volunteers increase by 236%. With the coronavirus pandemic still raging, much of the campaign's work has been conducted remotely, which the memo said has allowed the Biden team to "meet voters where they are" and "reach voters in creative ways." The campaign has also spent millions on paid advertisements throughout the state.

According to the memo, the campaign has also devoted unprecedented resources into educational efforts to help Minnesotans cast their ballots, as questions over voter safety at polls loom and mail delivery times have been notoriously slow. The memo said Biden's Minnesota campaign has hired seven full-time voter protection staff, who are "focused on educating, protecting, and defending the rights of Minnesota voters, particularly in communities of color and rural communities."

"Our goal is to ensure that every eligible voter in Minnesota can register to vote, access a ballot, vote, and have that vote counted," they said.