BYRON, Minn. — The citizens of Byron, Minn., are now legally allowed to keep bees.

The Byron City Council Tuesday, Sept. 8, approved the keeping of bees within the city limits.

On a 3-1 vote — Mayor Daryl Glassmaker voted no, and council member Dan Mesenburg was absent — the city council approved an ordinance that would allow residents to keep bees. However, anyone applying for a beekeeping permit would need certification as a beekeeper or a year of experience under a certified beekeeper to own hives in town.

Glassmaker expressed concern about allowing people to keep bees when there are people who are allergic to bee stings. However, other members of the council noted that bees already live in the city.

City Administrator Mary Blair-Hoeft said no one has applied or asked to keep bees, but the city council decided to get ahead of the issue by approving the ordinance.