From the Archives: Sept. 12 in the Pioneer

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10 years ago

September 12, 2010 -- Eight members of the Bemidji Civil Air Patrol traveled to Mankato to fly gliders as part of the CAP’s education program. The two seated gliders were towed into the air by a CAP aircraft and released at about 4,000 ft. CAP participants were Madsens; Christopher, Victoria and Jeff, along with Mandy Bushong, John Schrader, David Helgager and Tom Togers.

25 years ago

September 12, 1995 -- Animal control in Bemidji is never boring. Ron Schlueter, community service officer for the Bemidji Police Department, tried to keep a bear cub up a tree in Nymore, but the feisty animal didn't want to wait for a veterinarian to arrive with a tranquilizer gun. So Schlueter used a rope snare to capture the cub and the little bear gave him a run for his money.

50 years ago

September 12, 1970 -- Chuck Manson of Guthrie has never let a handicap get the best of him. A Korean War veteran and double amputee, Manson decided to spice up a lazy weekend. After pitching a full game of softball from his wheelchair, he enlisted friends Ray Clark and Cecil Kleeb of Bemidji to help tie his chair onto a pair of water skis...for a trip across Lake George!

100 years ago

September 12, 1920 -- Bemidji is on the map of the great Mississippi Scenic Highway. Maps, circulars, pamphlets, route books, letter-heads, membership application blanks, envelopes, etc., all carry Bemidji prominently, generating questions like: "Where is Bemidji?" "What kind of a place is it?" "Is it an interesting place to drive to and to Visit?" "Are tourists welcome?"

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