From the Archives: April 28 in the Pioneer

What was printed on this day 10, 25, 50 and 100 years ago.

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10 years ago

April 28, 2011 -- A group of Bemidji High School alumni salvaged some of the glazed terracotta decorations that made the old school’s entry distinctive. Their hope is to raise funds to construct a memorial to the now-demolished building and set it up in a park or at the new high school. “This would tie the memories of the old high school with the new school,” said Linda Lemmer.

25 years ago

April 28, 1996 -- "There used to be woolen mills in most small towns now most are all gone," says Bill Batchelder, fourth-generation co-owner along with his brother, Bob Batchelder, of Bemidji Woolen Mills. "They need people like us to keep the history alive. Woolen Mills used to be an important part of rural Minnesota, like the creamery or the grainary." A Centennial blanket, a replica of a 1930's era blanket, only 500 made, depicts Bemidji's famous folk hero, Paul Bunyan.

50 years ago

April 28, 1971 -- Four hundred youngsters will perform at a “Junior High Bandorama” in the Bemidji Junior High School Gymnasium, the announcement made by band directors Earl Kerns and Los Torgerson. There will be instrumentalists coming from the elementary, seventh, eighth and ninth grades. Four separate bands will be featured.

100 years ago

April 28, 1921 -- Despite the loss of the Bemidji High School by fire several months ago, 51 members of the senior class are to receive their diplomas. By far, the largest class to graduate from the local high school in one year, 29 girls and 22 boys. Nine of the boys are members of the 1920 State championship football team. The entire basketball team is also included.

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