BEMIDJI -- Bemidji High School students were recently recognized in the annual Senior Awards Program for receiving scholarships from various schools across the country.

"Please know that during this unprecedented and challenging time of COVID-19, we have tried our very best to gather as much information as we could," organizers said in a release. "At the time of the printing of this program, we know there are other businesses, agencies and foundations that are closed, and have yet to determine scholarship recipients. The staff and administration at Bemidji High School are so very proud of the entire Senior Class of 2021 for your dedication, perseverance, as well as your accomplishments."

Bemidji High School 2021 Honor Graduates: Hannah Alexander, Clara Anderson-Cameron, Isabella Anderson, Jenna Anderson, Kenneth Anttila, Matthew Arel, Haley Bahl, Elliott Beevor, Parker Beighley, Allie Beyer, Isaiah Biehn, Silas Bitter, Jordan Brown, Kaleigh Buck, Emily Burgess, Morgan Cann, Isaiah Cerven, Colter Clement, Tiana Coy, Adecia Dauner, Grant Declusin, Michael Dickinson, Eric Djonne, Abigail Enquist, Conner Fettig, Aria Gish, Macey Gish, Jackson Gorski, Aaron Heger, Christian Heglund, Ethan Hendrickson, Hayden Hommes, Elaina Hoover, Michelle Huang, Emma Huberty, Jordan Hunsberger, Rylie Jones, Calder Karger, Moriah Klejeski, Annika Knudson, Grace Lauderbaugh, Lauren Lundquist, Joshua Maki, Sierra Malterud, Elijah Mans, Ella Martin, Caleb Mcshane, Emma Mischke, Ilyanna Mix, Ariel Mohs, Sophia Morin, Lindsey Nelsen, Joshua Nyberg, Evelyn Nygren, Miranda Port, Ryan Rautio, Samara Raynbird, Joel Roberts, Trevor Rohder, Nicki Son, Aidan Spaeth, Lyla Stout, Dylan Thomas, Paulo Tinsay, Elias Treuer, Colt Uhlenhopp, Emily Wade, Emily Wessel, Heidi Whipple, Ashlynn Wuori, Kendall Young and Nicholas Youso.

Bemidji High School Senior Awards:

  • Marshall H. and Nellie Alworth Foundation: Colter Clement, Samuel Schulze, Dylan Thomas and Emily Wade.
  • AVAYA/CWA/IBEW Scholarship: Spencer Tolkinen.
  • Beltrami Electric Scholarship: Robert Strand.
  • BEC Youth Tour Scholarship: Josibeth Aguilera.
  • Bemidji Area Church Musicians Scholarship: Eric Djonne.
  • Boyer Mechanical Scholarship: Samuel Stish and Cale Newby.
  • Ray And John F. Breen Scholarships: Colt Uhlenhopp, Ariel Mohs, Abigail Enquist, Evelyn Nygren, Dannette Kimble, Allie Beyer, Lily Vleck, Ella Martin and Emma Mischke.
  • Brad Swenson Memorial Service Above Self — Bemidji Sunrise Rotary: Lily Vleck.
  • Catholic United Financial Scholarship: Matthew Arel.
  • Ladig Family Scholarship: Jordan Hunsberger.
  • Betty Murray Scholarship: Lydia Hudson.
  • Bemidji Eagles Aerie #351 Scholarship: Joshua Maki.
  • Jim Carrington/Bemidji Pioneer: Emma Huberty.
  • Deerwood Bank Scholarships: Four Year College/University Scholarship: Matthew Arel. Trade/Vocational College Scholarship: Nicholas Youso.
  • Drew Russ Memorial Scholarship: Aidan Spaeth and Sophia Morin.
  • First National Bank Foundation Scholarship: Dannette Kimblea and Matthew Arel.
  • Fred Hase Trust Scholarship: Haley Bahl.
  • Forum Communications Scholarship: Evelyn Nygren.

  • Jodi Daman Memorial Scholarship: Isaiah Biehn.
  • John and Iva Lee Graupman Scholarship: Ariel Mohs and Colt Uhlenhopp.
  • Hagan Scholarship: Josibeth Aguilera.
  • Headwaters Quilt Guild Scholarship: Olivia Jones.

  • Heidi Bitzer Mcclure Scholarship: Lauren Lundquist and Nicki Son.

  • Horace May Elementary Scholarships: Not decided at time of printing.

  • Horace May Ron Sugar Character Scholarship: Not decided at time of printing.

  • Horace May Natascha Smrekar Kindness Scholarship: Not decided at time of printing.

  • James and Sylvia Sande Scholarship: Aria Gish and Dylan Thomas.

  • Friends of Sanford Scholarship: Emily Wade, Aria Gish, Macey Gish and Annika Knudson.

  • Knights of Columbus Scholarship: Ella Martin and Matthew Arel.

  • North Country Snowmobile Club Scholarship: Lily Krona and Robert Strand.
  • BSU Harry Moore Scholarship: Emma Huberty.
  • BSU William and Dona Mae Naylor Scholarship: Madison Huber.

  • Lincoln Elementary School Staff/ PTO: Hailie Thompson, Trevor Rohder, Ashlynn Wuori, Elijah Mans, Conner Fettig and Ariel Mohs.

  • Mike Staples Memorial Scholarship: Aaron Hoefer.

  • ISD 31 School Board Scholarship: Abigail Enquist and Joel Roberts.

  • National Merit Scholarship Program Finalist: Kenneth Anttila.

  • Northern Elementary School PTO Scholarship: Macey Gish and Matthew Arel.

  • Central Elementary School PTO Scholarship: Dannette Kimble and Isaiah Rintala.

  • Pat Campbell String Scholarship: Annika Knudson.

  • Paul Bunyan Communications Scholarship: Callie Cota and Nicholas Youso.

  • Riverwood Bank Scholarship: Nicki Son and Jolynn Willis.

  • TruStar Federal Credit Union Scholarship: Emma Huberty.

  • Vernon J. Pick Memorial Scholarship: Ella Martin, Nicki Son, Elijah Mans and Joel Roberts.

  • Jacquelyn Schaffer Scholarship For Music: Conner Fettig.
  • Team Industries Don Ricke Scholarship: Hayden Hommes, Ryan Rautio, Sophia Morin, Dylan Thomas, Aria Gish,

    Aaron Hoefer and Isaiah Biehn.

  • Ruth Shannon Wilson Scholarship: Joshua Maki and Joel Roberts.

  • Honda of Bemidji—National Honor Society: Allie Beyer.

  • Sara Labraaten State Farm Student of the Week Scholarship: Conner Fettig.

  • Bemidji High School Principal’s Scholarship: Macey Gish, Hannah Alexander, Hayden Hommes and Colt Uhlenhopp.

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Bemidji High School Athletic Scholarships:

  • George Pelawa Scholarship: Sophia Morin, Caleb Bahr and Logan Jensen.
  • Troy Nelson Character Scholarship: Zak Justice.
  • Red Wilson Scholarship: Cale Newby.

  • Bun and Elvira Fortier Scholarship: Ethan Maish.

  • Bemidji Youth Basketball Scholarship: Emily Wade and Matthew Arel.

  • Bemidji Youth Soccer Scholarship: Liberty Dickerson and Ryan Rautio.

College and University Scholarships

Bemidji State University:

  • Academic Achievement Scholarship: Lyla Stout, Lily Vleck, Haley Brodina, Elliot Beevor, Isaiah Biehn, Morgan Cann, David Coffin, Macey Gish, Micah Rock, Trevor Rohder and Briann Tronnes.

  • Alumni Relative Scholarship: Ethan Pochardt and Riley McCarthy.

  • Dr. Lowell (Ted) Gillett Memorial Full Tuition Scholarship: Matthew Arel.
  • Lane Scholarship: Lydia Hudson.

  • Paul Bunyan Communications Technology Scholarship: Kayleigh Hickman, Savannah Holleman and Madison Latzke.
  • Betti and Ken Sherman Scholarship: Lyla Stout, Lily Vleck and Avary Gregg.
  • Presidential Scholarship: Adecia Dauner, Jackson Gorski, Ethan Henrickson, Emma Huberty, Jordan Hunsberger, Emily Wade and Emily Wessel.
  • University Scholarship: Kayleigh Hickman, Savannah Holleman, Madison Latzke, Olivia Bakke, Isaac Brown, Madison Huber, Joshua Maimbourg and Ciara Reller.

College of St. Benedicts:

  • Academic Achievement Scholarship: Ella Martin.
  • Alum Referral Scholarship: Ella Martin.

University of Minnesota -- Twin Cities:

  • Herbert E. Olson Scholarship: Colter Clemment and Abigail Enquist.

  • Presidential Scholarship: Hayden Hommes.

  • U Promise Scholarship: Spencer Tolkinen, Evelyn Nygren, Abigail Enquist.

  • College of Liberal Arts Scholarship: Abigail Enquist.

Concordia College -- Moorhead:

  • Concordia Excellence Scholarship and Concordia Music Scholarship: Eric Djonne and Conner Fettig.

  • Conductor’s Choice Award, Brew Scholarship: Eric Djonne and Conner Fettig.

North Dakota State University:

  • Prakash and Sandy Matthews Scholarship: Ariel Mohs.
  • Presidential Scholarship: McKenzie Schultz, Demi Fisher, Tiana Coy, Hailey Karas, Ariel Mohs and Joshua Maki.
  • Challey Music Scholarship: Joshua Maki.

University of Minnesota -- Crookston:

  • James W. Tracy Scholarship: Lily Krona.

  • America’s Farmers Grow Ag Leaders Scholarship: Lily Krona.

  • Minnesota and National FFA Foundations: Lily Krona.

University of Minnesota -- Duluth:

Raise.Me Scholarship: Allie Beyer.

Minnesota State University -- Moorhead:

  • Athletic Scholarship: Liberty Dickerson.
  • Blaze Scholarship: Callie Cota.
  • Distinguished Dragon Scholarship: Elijah Mans.
  • Fire Up Scholarship: Jolynn Willis.
  • University Scholarship: Liberty Dickerson.

College of St. Scholastica:

  • Benedictine Scholarship: Emma Mischke.

University of North Dakota:

  • Presidential Scholarship: Hannah Alexander, Nicki Son and Aria Gish.

  • Academic Achievement Scholarship: Lauren Lundquist.

  • UND Cultural Diversity Scholarship: Aria Gish.

  • Jeanette M. and Herbert W.A. Kroll Scholarship: Aria Gish.

  • Military Dependent Scholarship: Lauren Lundquist.

Coastal Carolina University:

  • Coastal Scholars Award: Haley Bahl.

Minnesota State University -- Mankato:

  • Meredith Scholarship, RISE-BIO Scholarship: Kendall Young.

Northern State University:

  • Wolfpack Scholarship, Athletic Scholarship: Nathan Alto.

St. Olaf College:

  • Music Scholarship: Annika Knudson and Dylan Thomas.

  • Presidential Scholarship: Annika Knudson.

University of Jamestown:

  • Athletic Scholarship: Peyton Oelrich.

Cottey College:

  • Cottey Academic Scholarship: Clara Anderson-Cameron.
  • P.E.O. State Scholarship: Clara Anderson-Cameron.
  • Alumnae Legacy Scholarship: Clara Anderson-Cameron.

  • Summer Workshop Scholarship: Clara Anderson-Cameron.

University Texas-Dallas:

  • National Merit Scholarship, Academic Excellence Scholarship: Kenneth Anttila.

Stetson University:

  • Stetson University Grant: John McCalip.

Minneapolis College of Art and Design:

  • MCAD Trustee Scholarship: Shane Kolstad.

Michigan Technological College:

  • Platinum Scholars Award, University Scholarship: Ryan Rautio.

Hamline University:

  • Achievement Scholarship: Alexander Nusbaum.

St. Catherine University:

  • Presidential Scholarship: Josibeth Aguilera.

United States Air Force Academy:

  • Joshua Nyberg.

Gustavus Adolphus College:

  • Dean’s Scholarship: Sam Schulze.

  • Legacy Scholarship: Sam Schulze.

  • ECLA Scholarship: Sam Schulze.