LEECH LAKE -- Leech Lake Tribal College courses will be online in the fall -- aside from a few exceptions -- according to an announcement on July 7 from LLTC President Raymond Burns.

Burns outlined these "select exceptions" in his announcement Tuesday.

“The majority of classes will be offered online,” Burns said. “Some of our classes will operate in a hybrid fashion. There will be some classes and/or labs that will meet on campus during the semester on a very limited basis. And there are some classes which, by their very nature, must meet on campus.”

The courses meeting in-person will be specified in the online course schedule.

Burns empathized with potentially disappointed students saying, “this is not something that any of us signed up for,” but stressed that the decision was made with Anishinaabe values in mind.

“For you as students, this represents a major change in your expectations of college life. We understand and want to do as much as possible to make this experience as productive and rewarding as possible,” he said. “But we are doing this to ensure the safety and health not just of you, and not just for our staff and faculty -- although those are considerations to be sure -- we are doing this for the health of our families and our communities. "

Classes being held on campus will undergo strict precautions, Burns added.

“Needless to say, we are taking every precaution to ensure that anytime a class meets on campus, strict health and safety guidelines are in place and stringently adhered to,” he said. “We will be requiring that students come to campus only for classes that they are enrolled in, or by prior appointment with the office that you are visiting.”

Students will be required to wear masks on campus.

Burns urged students to meet with their advisors to discuss what is best for them regarding the upcoming semester and stressed those who are not yet enrolled, still consider attending.

“When it is safe for us to open up campus and have everyone return, we will gladly welcome you back to campus and greet you with open arms,” he said.