BEMIDJI -- Officials at Bemidji High School canceled a pep fest Wednesday, meant to recognize the girls soccer team as it headed off to the state tournament, due to references of violence online.

Assistant Principal Jill Walter sent out an email to students’ families about how “social media activity indicated a potential for violence during the pep fest.”

"We want to err on the side of safety,” BHS Principal Jason Stanoch said.

Stanoch would not specify what the activity included. However, he said that, to his knowledge, the situation began on the social media platform Snapchat. He did not specify how many people were involved in the conversation, though he said it involved students.

The pep fest was scheduled to take place in the gymnasium.

The email from Walter said they were unable to find evidence of a “verifiable threat.” Nonetheless, the school’s crisis team, which includes the Bemidji Police Department, determined that they should cancel the event.

"Because we couldn't totally verify or disqualify (it), we had to make a timely decision to not have the pep fest," Stanoch said. "It was really unfortunate."

Stanoch said they kept school in session because there was no indication that any violence was going to happen outside the pep fest itself.