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Sanford Health announces forgivable loan recipients

Pictured left to right are Hannah Hoege, Olha Finnelly, Alexis Wood and Talia Cox. Not pictured: Shelby Emery and Morgan Levy. Submitted photo.

Sanford Health recently announced six Northwest Technical College nursing student loan recipients for 2018. They include Talia Cox, Shelby Emery, Olha Finnelly, Hannah Hoege, Morgan Levy and Alexis Wood.

Recipients of the licensed practical nurse (LPN) forgivable loans receive $5,000 toward their tuition. In return, students work for two years in a full-time LPN position at Sanford after graduation in order to receive the full loan forgiveness. During their coursework at NTC, they are also given the opportunity for employment at Sanford and mentored by a nurse leader. The program is in its third year.