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NTC looks to fill expanded nursing program

BEMIDJI -- Northwest Technical College leaders added several new spots in their nursing program and have re-opened the school’s application window to fill them.

Budding registered or practical nurses have until July 30 to submit an application for the coming fall. The school’s nursing program typically has 90 total open seats, and staff added more this after their typical spring application deadlines had passed.

“Of all the institutional partners, collaborators in health care in this region, I have heard nothing but the need is very large up here in this Northwest territory for health care,” Michele Brielmaier, the college’s director of nursing and health sciences, told the Pioneer. “Why would we not want to open the doors again so that students who might not have thought about it or they're progressing more strongly than they anticipated -- why do we not let them apply to the nursing program and open that pool or that possibility for students to complete a new academic program in a more timely manner?”

Some technical college staff put the new occupancy figure as high as 116 students total, but Brielmaier declined to disclose a specific figure because, she said, she’s still working with Northern Minnesota hospitals and other care centers to see how many new students they can accommodate.

The technical college’s nursing program typically receives considerably more applicants than it can accept. Potential students who missed the cut the first time around received a letter explaining why they were rejected, Brielmaier said.

Here are the initial steps and key deadlines to apply during the new window, according to college communications staff:

  • As soon as possible: Apply for admission to NTC and indicate nursing as the intended program of study. The application fee is $20.
  • By July 20: Take the Test of Essential Academic Skills, a pre-nursing exam. Prospective students should make sure to choose NTC as their school when registering for the exam. Practice tests and other preparation information are available online. A score of 53 or above is required for practical nursing, and a score of 64 or above is required for registered nursing. Previous TEAS results may be used if they are from within the past two years.
  • By July 26: Complete the Accuplacer placement test, a web-based tool that assesses college preparedness in reading, writing and math. As a follow-up, complete any college readiness courses prior to fall semester.
  • By July 30: Send the college a high school transcript or GED. This must be received by July 30.
  • By July 30: Individuals with prior credits from one or more other colleges should share an official transcript from those schools. NTC can automatically access transcripts from any college or university in the Minnesota State system.
Joe Bowen

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