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VIDEO: BHS sends students off to state-level competitions

BEMIDJI—Bemidji High School staff and students lined the school's halls Wednesday morning to send wrestlers, swimmers, mathletes, mock trial participants, and science olympians to various state-level competitions.

School leaders regularly organize "gauntlets" for students gearing up for state. Wednesday's gauntlet began with freshman near the BHS student service office, then sophomores near the main office, then juniors and seniors toward the athletic field house. The pep band blared near the main office.

Below are the Lumberjacks headed to state.


Seth Newby

Jon Solum

Nate Golden

Chance Hinrichs

Peter Moen

Hunter Schoenborn

Kaleb Beam

Coaches: Rance Bahr, Colton Doty, Brian Solum, Mark Smith and Byron Willard

Swimming and Diving

Sam Hendricks

Cameron Munter

Coaches: Kristen McRae, Woody Leindecker, Ryan Ohnstad and Rolan Ohnstad

Mathematics League

Ryan Rautio

Luke Hess

Mya Shorter

Samantha Melberg

Tommy Saxton

Caleb McShane

Tara Tesch

Colt Ulenhopp

Dustin Millard

Coaches: Terry Hewitt and Christina Mutnansky

Mock Trial

Gunnar Aas

Alex Hanson

Gretta Kuesel

Allie Shimkus

Hayley Hackbarth

Noah Leinen

John Chadwick

Addie Colligan

Calvin Faust

Taylor Gish

Isabelle Morin

Luke Hess

Coaches: Jeff Aas, Bill Joyce, Tom Kuesel and Katie Nolting

Science Olympiad

Wyatt Walton

AJ Dahl

Dylan Hinners

Mason Kornezos

Laura Thompson

Maggie Brown

Brandon Joy

Peter Paquette

Tori Warne

Jordyn Cave

James Hart

Maycie Malterud

Thomas Sherman

Coach: Ken Schreiber

Joe Bowen

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