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Detroit Lakes, Minn., parents 'livid' over photo of school-sanctioned game

A photo of Detroit Lakes High School students with bags over their heads for a student-led game over Snoball Week is evoking a lot of anger from some local parents who say the school was irresponsible for letting the game continue. Submitted photo

DETROIT LAKES, Minn.—A photo being shared around the Detroit Lakes area has some parents and community members angry and even calling for "somebody to be fired over at the high school".

The photo, taken Tuesday, Jan. 30, in the Detroit Lakes High School gymnasium during a student-led game as part of Snoball week, depicts high school students playing a game of musical chairs while blindfolded with plastic grocery bags. The bags were not tied and laid loose over the students' heads, but the photo has some area parents wondering where the judgement was from adults who were present.

The Detroit Lakes School District released a statement apologizing for the situation.

"The District understands the concern and it apologizes for the way the event was conducted," the statement from Detroit Lakes Superintendent Doug Froke read. "The District will evaluate the matter, including conversations with our students and staff and make adjustments for future events as warranted. Our goal was to celebrate school spirit and we'll continue to enjoy the activities of Snoball week."

As of Wednesday afternoon, the photo had been shared by hundreds of people from around the community, some stating their outrage over safety concerns and "lack of common sense," others commenting about the fact that they believed the situation was being "blown way out of proportion."

Paula Quam

Paula Quam is the editor for Forum Communications Co. newspapers in Detroit Lakes and Perham, both in Minnesota.

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