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Ponemah School recognizes achievers

Pictured are students who were named to the "A" or "B" honor roll at Ponemah School. Submitted photo.1 / 2
Pictured are students who accomplished perfect attendance at Ponemah School. Submitted photo.2 / 2

PONEMAH—Ponemah School recently recognized students who had a perfect attendance during the first grading period as well as students in grades 4-8 who made the "A" or "B" Honor Roll.

Perfect attendance

Kindergarten: Waylen Johnson-Cloud, Nathaniel Cloud and Mika Donnell.

First Grade: Amerah French, Shania Graves and Amelia Roy.

Second Grade: Devin Johnson.

Third Grade: Allen Bailey, Ryan Bailey, Tyrus Dow and Quesean Johnson.

Fourth Grade: Jonas Janero-Garcia, Alani Kingbird and Joseph Kingbird.

Fifth Grade: Frankie Donnell, Tristan Rosebear and TeVaughn Stillday.

Sixth Grade: Sarah Iron Rope, Derrick Johnson and Atavia Kingbird-Nelson.

Seventh Grade: Endaanis Feather, Temara Harrison and Juliet Kingbird.

Eighth Grade: Leo Kingbird and Timarques Kingbird.

B Honor Roll

Fourth Grade: Emma Fineday, Bailey Johnson, Vicente White, Miley Holthusen, Alani Kingbird, Christian Schoenborn and Miley Whitefeather.

Fifth Grade: Sharon Begay, Cade Dow, Robert French, Anthony Patterson, Tristan Rosebear and Chauncy Weiss.

Sixth Grade: Rianna Cloud, Tylah Wilson, Precious Brown, Pauline Cloud, Jeremy Brown, Connor Graves, Bill Iceman and Jonathan Little Bird.

Seventh Grade: Abby Hart and Collin White.

Eighth Grade: Daniel Kingbird, Lylah Kingbird and Tony Nelson.

A Honor Roll

Sixth Grade: Addyson Johnson, Secora Johnson, Atavia Kingbird-Nelson, Sarah Iron Rope, Derrick Johnson and Joaquin Skinaway-Fineday.

Seventh Grade: Juliet Kingbird and Temara Harrison.

Eighth Grade: Delwyn Cloud and Timarques Kingbird.