BEMIDJI -- A total of 62 BSU employees with a combined total of 880 years of service to the university were recognized Thursday for reaching employment milestones, which includes the 45-year tenure of Physical Plant Manager Jeff Sande, at BSU’s annual Emeriti, Retirees and Milestone Recognition Breakfast.

Also, seven retiring faculty, staff and administrators and 13 faculty and staff who will receive emeriti distinctions at BSU’s 2016 Commencement ceremony May 6 also were recognized, according to a release from BSU.

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Including Sande, four employees were recognized for careers at BSU of longer than 30 years. Sande was joined by Daniel Danielson, Mary Herried and Carol Nielsen. Five emeriti are departing after BSU careers of more than 30 years, as is retiree Lori Petersen.

Faculty who retire from BSU with at least 15 years of service are eligible to receive emeriti status. Emeriti will officially receive their designations at the 2016 commencement ceremony.

The emeriti for 2016 are:

  • Dr. David Bahr, 16 years, professor emeritus of physics.

  • Dr. Barbara Bridges, 19 years, professor emerita of professional education.

  • Dr. Marsha Driscoll, 15 years, professor emerita of psychology.

  • Thomas Fauchald, 34 years, professor emeritus of business administration.

  • Dr. Patrick Guilfoile, 22 years, professor emeritus of biology.

  • Dr. Jan Guggenheimer, 26 years, professor emerita of social work.

  • Roderick Henry, 32 years, professor emeritus of business administration.

  • John Holden, 33 years, professor emeritus of visual arts.

  • Dr. Donna Palivec, 22 years, professor emerita of human performance, sport and health.

  • Dr. Sanjeev Phukan, 34 years, professor emeritus of business administration.

  • Dr. James Mastro, 18 years, professor emeritus of professional education.

  • Dr. Gerald Morine, 32 years, professor emeritus of chemistry.

  • Joan Miller, 28.5 years, director emerita of the School of Graduate Studies.

The following individuals also were recognized on their retirements:

  • Lori Petersen, customer service specialist, Office of Financial Aid, 36 years

  • James O’Brien, 28 years

  • Linda Rasmussen, accounting officer, BSU Alumni and Foundation, 21 years

  • Robert Bollinger, executive director, BSU Alumni and Foundation, 10 years

  • Melvin Nygaard, 10 years

  • Lawrence Hanus, associate professor of counseling services, eight years

  • Dr. Richard A. Hanson, president, six years.

Reaching employment milestones with BSU were:

  • 45 years: Jeff Sande, physical plant manager.

  • 35 years: Daniel Danielson, general maintenance worker.

  • 30 years: Mary Herried, sports office and administrative specialist intermediate; Carol Nielsen, professor of business administration.

  • 25 years: Mark Christensen, professor of English; Brian Donovan, professor of English; Julie Larson, professor of chemistry; Douglas Leif, professor of business administration; Wilma Lindee, library technician; Eric Lund, associate professor of mathematics and computer science; Mark Schmitt, locksmith.

  • 20 Years: Janice Anderson, medical technologist; Colleen Livingston, professor of mathematics and computer science; Jacob Passa, health education coordinator.

  • 15 years: Dragoljub Bilanovic, professor of environmental, Earth and space studies; Visnja Bilanovic, BSU Foundation office and administrative specialist intermediate; Brent Bolte, assistant football coach and assistant professor of athletics, human performance, sport and health; Barbara Butler, Hobson Memorial Union office and administrative specialist intermediate; Melissa Columbus, ITS 3/server manager; Robert Griggs, vice president for innovation and extended learning; Janice Haworth, associate professor of music; Beverly Hodgson, interim registrar; Janai Lampert, account clerk senior; Casey McCarthy, director of public safety; Mark Morrissey, assistant director of campus rec outdoor program center; Jodi Riley, accounting technician; Blanca Rivera, associate professor of languages and ethnic studies and department chair’ Vicki Ruzicka, 360 Manufacturing and Applied Engineering Center of Excellence office and administrative specialist intermediate; Michael Schmitt, electrician; Mary Sorensen, financial aid customer service specialist senior; Anton Treuer, professor of languages and ethnic studies and Indian studies; James VanThomma, general maintenance worker; Kari Wood, professor of business administration.

  • 10 years: Philip Albers, stationary engineer; Shari Augustine, College of Arts and Sciences office and administrative specialist intermediate; Virgil Bakken, professor of mass communications; Tim Bellew, assistant director of athletic facilities, head baseball coach; Colette Dahlke, retention counselor; Cheryl Davis, general maintenance worker; Mark Geiger, general maintenance worker; Andrew Graham, assistant professor of technology, art and design; Kody Hagen, ITS 3/lead web developer; Julie Herr, Records and Registration office and administrative specialist intermediate; Matthew Marsh, electrician lead; Theresa Perreault, ITS 2/tech support analyst/D2L support; Hyram Price, general maintenance worker; Scott Theisen, ITS 3/server manager; Andrew Wilkinson, ITS 3/server manager.

  • Five years: Wayne Chadwick, interim assistant director of athletic tickets and sales; Koji Fujiwara, research analysis specialist and Institutional Research and Effectiveness assistant director; Emily Guest, accounting officer; Beth Jensen, management analyst 3; Kelly Knapp, Student Affairs office and administrative specialist, senior; Janne Lillestol, assistant professor of professional education; Marci Maple, associate professor of nursing; Sheila Paul, college of arts and sciences interim assistant dean; Tara Pierce, assistant professor of nursing; Kristi Reiplinger, licensed practical nurse; Angela Schmidt, Career Services customer service specialist senior; Kiki Schnackenberg, human resources assistant; Larry Swain, assistant professor of English; Sarah Tarutis, associate professor of nursing.