ST. PAUL — Police recently found out about another person injured in the St. Paul bar shootout, bringing the total to 16.

He was among 15 hurt and one killed early Oct. 10 at the Seventh Street Truck Park, a food hall and bar near the Xcel Energy Center.

The Rochester, Minnesota, man called police on Thursday, reporting he had a bullet fragment in his leg and that it would require surgery, according to a police spokesman.

Police said they’ve interviewed victims and witnesses, and they’re asking anyone with information who hasn’t talked to an investigator to come forward. People who have cell phone video or photos that they haven’t provided to police are also asked to called the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension hotline at 877-996-6222.

Anyone affected by the shooting, including witnesses and family members, can contact Survivor Resources at 651-266-5674. The group provides immediate and long-term grief support.

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Terry Lorenzo Brown Jr., 33, and Devondre Trevon Phillips, 29, are charged with the murder of Marquisha Wiley, 27, of South St. Paul, and multiple counts of attempted murder. Wiley and most of the people shot in the crowded bar were innocent bystanders, according to police.

The shootout apparently began over an allegation that Brown had abused his girlfriend, a relative of Phillips, according to court documents.