GLENWOOD, Minn. — Minnesota’s Supreme Court has rejected a second appeal by Amanda Peltier of the first-degree murder conviction against her in the death of 4-year-old Eric Dean of Starbuck in 2013.

The court released a decision on Wednesday, July 15, in which it affirms a District Court ruling denying her second appeal. Peltier is serving a life sentence with the possibility of supervised release after 30 years from the date of her May 2014 sentencing in Pope County District Court.

Peltier, 38, argued in her second appeal that her public defenders provided ineffective assistance. She argued that the attorneys did not adequately advise her of the strength of the case against her, and failed to recommend that she offer to plead guilty to second-degree murder.

The Supreme Court determined she had not been able to show a likelihood that a plea agreement would have been accepted by the state and thus rejected her appeal.

A grand jury indicted Peltier on first-degree murder, and a Pope County jury convicted her in May 2014. She had been accused of child abuse in the death of Dean. She was caring for the child as the live-in girlfriend of the boy’s father. She was caring for a blended family of six children.