BEMIDJI -- Two Level 3 predatory sex offenders are scheduled to be relocated to the 1300 block of Beltrami Avenue Northwest on Friday, Feb. 28, according to a release from the Bemidji Police Department.

Michael Warren Smith, 34, and Gerald Joseph Browneagle, 43, have served their time and are currently living in Bemidji but are moving to new homes.

According to the Bemidji Police Department, Smith has a history of engaging in sexual contact and conduct with known male and female children. His conduct has included exposing himself to a victim, as well as sexual touching and penetration. He was released from prison in July 2017.

Browneagle has a history of engaging in sexual contact with female victims ages 11 to adult. Penetration was included in contact and force was a factor in the incidents, according to a Minnesota Department of Corrections fact sheet shared by the Bemidji Police Department. The sexual contact was with a known female child, an unknown adult female, and an unknown teenage female. He was released in November 2019.

There are three levels of offenders based on the individual's risk to reoffend. Level one carries a lower risk to the public, level two is moderate and three is higher.