BEMIDJI -- A 24-year-old Bayport man has been charged in connection to a drive-by shooting that took place in March 2019.

Devon Wayne Solis faces one count of using a dangerous weapon as it relates to shooting toward a person, occupied motor vehicle or occupied building. He was charged in early January, which is when he made his first appearance in court. His next hearing is scheduled for Feb. 10.

The criminal complaint said the incident happened at approximately 6:50 p.m. on March 18, which was a Saturday. Officers responded to a call of shots being fired near the 300 block of Ninth Street Northwest, near Central Elementary. They arrived to find a 2007 Chrysler van in a snowbank. The complaint said there were four bullet holes in the vehicle.

Multiple witnesses told the authorities that people fled from the vehicle into a close residence.

The complaint said an officer stopped a vehicle for having a broken brake light a couple days after the alleged shooting. Solis was in the back seat of the vehicle, and the officer found a .40 caliber handgun on the floor "in a location in the vehicle such that only Solis had immediate access to it," according to the complaint.

An investigator spoke to the victims who had fled from the vehicle that was shot. One of the victims told the investigator that a tan Chevrolet Tahoe pulled up next to their vehicle and "fired five or six shots at them." Another victim identified Solis as the person who fired the shots and that they "recognized Solis from his face tattoos," according to the complaint.

The Bureau of Criminal Apprehension reportedly matched the bullets from the scene to the handgun that was found in the vehicle with Solis during the traffic stop. The BCA also matched a DNA sample from the handgun to a known sample from Solis, the complaint said.