BEMIDJI -- One of the men involved in a 2017 shooting at a local convenience store received a five-year-sentence during a court hearing Thursday.

The sentencing essentially brought an end to a case that stretched on for just shy of two years. During that time, prosecutors amended the charges against 26-year-old Deavion Beasley multiple times. Beasley, of Bemidji, pleaded not guilty to the final version of the charge in March.

A jury convicted Beasley of possession of a firearm by an ineligible person during a trial in July. The trial was originally scheduled to be held in May, but too many of the potential jurors were dismissed from the pool of candidates during the selection process.

The original incident occurred on Oct. 5, 2017. Two Bemidji men, 36-year-old Andy Tillotson and 33-year-old Kevin Robertson, pulled up to Pete’s Place West, which is located in the 7100 block of Pete Lane NW, just past the Bemidji Regional Airport on U.S. Highway 2. Tillotson put a bandana around his face, and got out of the vehicle with a pry bar, according to what a witness told authorities.

Beasley arrived sometime thereafter with another man. Robertson walked up and confronted Beasley and the other man, and Tillotson started swinging the pry bar. Beasley then reached into the vehicle and grabbed a handgun and fired it. Later information indicated Beasley followed Robertson and Tillotson to the location of the shooting.

Authorities found Beasley at the residence of his father, Andre Beasley. Although Andre Beasley was not charged in connection to the shooting at Pete’s Place West, he was charged in relation to the firearms law enforcement officials found in his residence when they located Deavion Beasley there.

Tillotson and Robertson, the two men who attacked Beasley, were convicted of terroristic threats with a reckless disregard for risk. Andre Beasley was convicted of felon in possession of a firearm.