ST. PAUL - The city of St. Paul has agreed to pay more than half a million dollars to settle a lawsuit filed by a woman attacked by a police dog when she was taking out her trash last year.

A day after the St. Paul City Council met in a closed session, both sides agreed to a $520,000 settlement to Desiree Collins, said her attorney, Andrew Noel.

“It speaks to the real trauma associated with these K-9 attacks,” Noel said Friday, Sept. 28. “When you see it on video, it’s hard to watch and you’re never sure how a jury is going to react to something like that.”

The settlement requires approval from the City Council.

Last September, during a search for a burglary suspect, the police dog knocked Collins to the ground and clamped down on her.

Collins screamed in pain as officers issued 10 “release” commands to the dog and Schmidt tried to use Gabe’s E-Collar, an electronic shock device, to get the dog to release. The K-9 only did so when Schmidt was able to physically remove him from Collins, according to the lawsuit.

The incident was captured on police body camera. Collins sustained multiple bites to her arm and one to her lower leg.

Collins, 53, had to move away from her residence soon after she was injured because “she had a hard time taking out the trash, a hard time sleeping,” Noel said. He said she has been in counseling “to try to deal with the trauma.”

Noel and attorney Robert Bennett also represented Frank Baker, who received a record $2 million settlement from St. Paul in April 2017 after he was mistaken for a suspect whom police were seeking in June 2016 and was bitten by a K-9. He was hospitalized for two weeks.

The same attorneys have taken the case of Glenn Slaughter, who was bitten by a St. Paul police K-9 in July. Police said Slaughter was not involved in the weapons call they were responding to, and the K-9 accidentally bit him after getting loose from his collar.

The St. Paul police department made changes to K-9 unit policies in April and again after the Slaughter case; an external audit is also underway.