BHS girls second to Grand Rapids at track meet

It was Grand Rapids turn. Bemidji and Grand Rapids have exchanged victories this spring at two earlier track meets, the Rapids winning the first and Bemidji the second, both at BSU. They went outdoors Tuesday with the Rapids using a home track ad...

It was Grand Rapids turn.

Bemidji and Grand Rapids have exchanged victories this spring at two earlier track meets, the Rapids winning the first and Bemidji the second, both at BSU.

They went outdoors Tuesday with the Rapids using a home track advantage to win with 161 points to 121.5 for Bemidji. Duluth East was a distant third with 38 followed by Deer River and Bigfork.

The two major track powers dominated the meet.

The Rapids held an 8-5 advantage individual event wins and Bemidji a 3-1 bulge in the relays.


In the end, the Rapids had more scorers than did Bemidji.

Bemidji also was han dicapped when the meet was scored to only five places. Bemidji had 15 place winners between sixth and eighth.

Jessica Butler of the Rapids was the individual star taking the 100, high jump and triple jump and finishing second in the intermediate hurdles.

Bemidji had winners in Lexi Gauwitz in the 400, Kelsey Heisler in the 800, Jes Lovering in the 3200, Abby Hendricks in the high hurdles and Dani Paris in the intermediates.

Liz Judkins, Serena Glass, Stephanie Lehmann and Bethany Fluto won the 4 x 1. Judkins, Hendricks, Jessi Bruns and Paris claimed the 4 x 2.

Paris, Jen Lovering, Ashley Erickson and Heisler won the 4 x 4.

The 4 x 8 team of Erickson, Heisler and the Lovering twins was second.

So were Gauwitz in the 200, Jen Lovering in the 400, Paris in the pole vault and Erin Daniels in the discus.


In third came Pearl Walker in the 100 hurdles, Hendricks in the 300, Gauwitz in the triple jump and Daniels in the shot.

Taking fourth were Gauwitz in the 100, Sam Drewes in the 3200, Bruns in the triple jump and Tessa Comstock in the pole vault while Fluto tied for fourth in the long jump.

In fifth came Karly Engen in the 200, Erickson in the 400, Ana Molnar in the high jump and Walker in the pole vault.

Taking sixth were Glass in the 100, Bruns in the 800, Jamie Hoffman in the 1600, Walker in the 300 hurdles, Erickson in the high jump, Hendricks in the triple jump and Laura Wagner in the discus.

In seventh were Judkins in the 100, Rossana Lee in the 200, Comstock in the 300 hurdles and Melissa Detschman in the high jump.

In eighth came Hoffman in the 800, Drewes in the 1600 and Engen in the long jump.

The next action for Bemidji will come Friday at the Cambridge Invitational.



Girls Division

Team totals: Grand Rapids 161, Bemidji 121.5, Duluth East 38, Deer River 37.5, Bigfork 12


100 (12.92) 1. Butler, GR; 2. Mattson, GR; 3. Johnson, DE; 4. Gauwitz, Bem; 5. Peterson, DR; 6. Glass, Bem; 7. Judkins, Bem; 8. Landwehr, DE

200 (26.46) 1. Mattson, GR; 2. Gauwitz, Bem; 3. Johnson, DE; 4. Landwehr, DE; 5. Engen, Bem; 6. Labyad, DE; 7. Lee, Bem; 8. Jones, GR

400 (1:01.;87) 1. Gauwitz, Bem; 2.Jen. Lovering, Bem; 3. Johnson, DE; 4. Hayden, DE; 5. Erickson, Bem; 6. Kent, GR; 7. Legler, GR; 8. Becker, GR

800 (2:26.83) 1. Heisler, Bem; 2. Kleinendorst, GR; 3. Wright, DR; 4. Salo, GR; 5. Merhman, DE; 6. Bruns, Bem; 7. MIltich, GR; 8. Hoffman, Bem.

1600 (5:35.7) 1. M. DeGrio, GR; 2. Illikainen, GR; 3. Miller, DE; 4. Rostvold, GR; 5. Bradshaw, DE; 6. Hoffman, Bem; 7. Wright, DR; 8. Drewes, Bem.

3200 (11:36.7) 1. Jes. Lovering, Bem; 2. Erickson, GR; 3. Belgum, DR; 4. Drewes, Bem; 5. Neururer, DR; 6. Dodd, DR; no seventh

100 hurdles (17.4) 1. Hendricks, Bem; 2. Schlauderaff, GR; 3. Walker, Bem; 4. Rothstein, GR; 5. Kolm, Bf; 6. Mancini, DE; 7. Comstock, Bem; 8. Bergstrom, GR

300 hurdles (47.91) 1. Paris, Bem; 2. Butler, GR; 3. Hendricks, Bem; 4. R. DeGrio, GR' 5. Schlauderaff, GR; 6. Walker, Bem; 7. Schlauderaff, GR; 8. Mancini, DE


4 x 1 (54.90) 1. Bem (Judkins-Glass-Lehmann-Fluto); 2. DR; 3. GR; 4. DE; 5. BF

4 x 2 (1:52.90) 1. Bem (Judkins-Hendricks-Bruns-Paris); 2. DR 3.GR;/.DE; no fifth

4 x 4 (4:43.09) 1. GR; 2. Bem (Paris-Jen. Lovering-Erickson-Heisler); 3. DE; no fourth

4x 8 (9:53.59) 1.GR; 2; Bem (Jen. Lovering-Jes. Lovering-Erickson-Heisler); 3, DE; no fourth


High jump (5-3) 1. Butler, GR; 2. Jones, GR; 3. Legler, GR.; 4. Beach, BF; 5. Molnar, Bem; 6. Erickson, Bem; 7. M. Detschman, Bem; 8. Monroe, DR

Long jump (14-05½) 1. B. Joki, GR; 2. Peterson DR; 3. Kolm, BF; 4. (tie) Benham, DR and Fluto, Bem; 6. Landwehr, DE; 7. Engen, Bem ; 8.R. DeGrio, GR

Triple jump (34-5½) 1. Butler, GR; 2. B. Joki, GR; 3. Gauwitz, Bem; 4. Bruns Bem; 5. Rothstein, GR; 6. Hendricks, Bem; 7. Benham, DR; 8. Bertram, DE

Pole vault (7-6) 1. Schjenken, DR; 2. Paris, Bem; 3. Congdon, GR; 4. Comstock, Bem; 5. Walker, Bem; 6. (tie) Nelson, DR and Mondry, GR; no eighth

Shot put (41-9½) 1. Rollins, GR; 2. Cagle, GR; 3. Daniels, Bem; 4. McKeever, DE; 5. Worcester, BF; 6. Pula, BF; 7. Hystead, DE;.8. Adams, DE

Discus (128-0) 1. Cagle, GR; 2. Daniels, Bem; 3. Worcester, BF; 4. Weaver, DE; 5. Lyons, GR; 6. Wagner, Bem; 7. Pula, BF; 8. Etter, DR

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